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1037 Forest Avenue • Portland, ME 04103 | ph. 207-797-7082
COVID-19 Hours

Monday - Friday
10 - 6
Saturday - Sunday 10-5

Nervous dog? Tight schedule?

Pay in advance, skip the line. No appointment necessary!

We're pleased to provide a low-cost alternative to professional grooming that avoids the stress and mess of home bathing. Our waist-high tubs can accommodate dogs of all sizes and eliminate kneeling, bending, wrestling, and clean-up from the equation. Towels, grooming tools, ear and eye wipes, a large selection of all-natural shampoos, and an industry-standard drier are available at every station. All you need to do is bring your dog in on a leash, no appointment necessary. Our large tubs are equpped with ramps, and we will assist you with getting the dog into the tub if needed.

Wash price is determined by the staff according to your dog's weight. 

  • 0-25lbs      $14
  • 26-50lbs    $16
  • 51-90lbs    $18
  • 91-120lbs  $20
  • 120lbs +    $22

Don't have the time or ability to do the job yourself? Let us take care of it! Call the store at (207) 797-7082 to schedule a full-serve wash performed by our well-trained staff. Prices are double those of a self wash.