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  • Big Buck Chews

Deer Antler Chew

Naturally-shed red deer antlers harvested outside of Bangor, Maine and cut, filed and packaged by hand here at The Dog Wash Etc. These chews are ideal for puppies, aggressive chewers, large dogs or those with allergies or anxiety. Antlers have an irresistable flavor and help clean teeth, massage gums and excercise jaws as a dog chews.  A natural source of collagen, calcium, phosphorous, and other nutrients. Chews will vary in size and shape. 

While we sand down any sharp edges, chewing over time may cause the antler to become unsafe. Inspect the chew periodically and replace if it has become sharp or small enough to be a choking hazard. If a dog becomes bored with the antler, you may boil it in low-sodium stock of your choice to infuse it with new flavor and life. 
Sizing guide:
Small: 2-4" long, 0-3 oz
  • Dogs up to 15lbs
Medium: 3-5" long, 3-4.5 oz
  • Dogs 15-30lbs
Large: 5-9" long, 5-6oz
  • Dogs 30-55lbs
Jumbo: 7-14" long, 6.5oz and up
  • Dogs 55lbs and up

Product Benefits

  • Gluten Free
  • Grain Free
  • Large Breed
  • Limited Ingredient
  • Low Fat
  • Maine Made
  • No Chicken
  • Non-allergenic
  • Organic / Non-GMO
  • Puppy