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Nail trims

Yes, we do trim nails and no, you don't need an appointment!

Our talented staff performs hundreds of nail trims a year and can handle even the most difficult dogs.

    More than just protecting your skin and floors from scratches, regular nail maintenance is essential to your dog's health and comfort. Overgrown toenails can cause the feet to splay and nails to break or, in extreme cases, grow into the pad of the foot. Over time this can lead to infections and irreversible damage to the structure of the foot as well as causing undue strain to hips and other joints. 

    The easiest way to determine whether you're due for a trim is to check whether the nails touch the floor while the dog's standing on a flat surface or you begin to hear clicking when they walk. For most dogs we find it's best done every 4 to 6 weeks, but it can vary depending on the breed and activity level of your dog. To minimize stress we do not use a nail grinder but do our best to round out any sharp edges to optimize comfort for your and your dog alike.

Walk in trims: $8 with bath, $15 without

Disclaimer: while we rarely turn a dog away, we do reserve the right to refuse a nail trim if we feel it presents a risk to any person or dog. Soft muzzles are available if needed. Please let staff know about any history of aggression before the trim begins.