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1037 Forest Avenue • Portland, ME 04103 | ph. 207-797-7082
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Effective March 20, 2020
We wanted to provide notice that we are moving exclusively to curbside pickup at this time. Although we have been proud to offer delivery to residents of Portland for the last several years, circumstances have changed and we are no longer able to continue this service. In order to allow the necessary social isolation all employees of The Dog Wash Etc. have been furloughed as of March 19, and as the sole operator Greg is unable to be out making deliveries to the community when there is no one else to take phone orders and arrange pickups. We apologize to our longtime delivery regulars, but in order to provide the best service to the most people possible this was a necessary decision, and we will resume delivery as soon as is practical. 


We will make deliveries in the following cases: if you are elderly or at-risk and unable to venture out; if your household is under medical quarrantine; if you are a healthcare worker living alone. Please call the store to make delivery arrangements if these apply to you. Please use these exceptions in good faith; time away from the store on deliveries is time Greg cannot be with his family or assisting other customers. 


Going forward we ask that you call the store or email your order to info [at] dogwashetc [dot] com. If you get a busy signal, please be patient. We have turned off web ordering for now, because it is not synched to our physical inventory, which was only a minor issue when receiving several orders a day. Now that we are processing dozens we find it impossible to update the website frequently enough to keep up with stock, and want to avoid having people pay for items we cannot provide. I'm sorry this isn't a more elegant solution, but I'm not a web designer and am doing my best. We will try to get e-commerce back up in the coming days and weeks, and welcome anyone with Drupal experience to drop a line and give some pointers. 


All washing, bathing, and nail trimming servives are suspended until further notice. You are able to purchase shampoo and the awesome orange chamois from us, and some area verterinarians are open and able to perform nail trims. We'll miss all our favorites while we're gone, and hope mud season isn't too rough on your homes and bathrooms. 


Because your support of local business is now more important than ever, we are doubling down on you to make sure no person or pet goes without. We are increasing our order points and not allowing customers to stockpile food in order to make sure everybody gets what they need. We are still accepting special orders at no charge, so if you're used to something we don't carry just reach out and we'll come up with a solution together. 


Please continue to follow the advice of the WHO, do not take unnecessary risks, and help your neighbors whenever you're able. We're in this together.

 - Emma (manager), Mark and Greg (owners), and all your favorite Dog Wash staff (Evee, Alicia, Taylor, and Shea)